How To Survive The Iron Yard

My biggest fear before The Iron Yard was that I just wouldn’t “get it”. That I could put in all the work, devote myself completely, give all the time required and still just not be able to connect the dots. It was really scary to leave my job, spend all this money to attend and hope that […]

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Week 12 Recap

My week at the Iron Yard in 2157 words. 12 weeks down, 0 to go. Monday Got to campus a little late on Monday morning due to hanging out with little Lenora while my wife tried to get some sleep. We had our usual stand up in the morning and got to work getting things ready […]

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Week 11 Recap

My week at the Iron Yard in 1409 words. 11 weeks down, 1 to go. Monday The post this week is going to be a little different. My wife and I welcomed our daughter, Lenora, into the world on Monday morning. Her due date was April 18th, so we knew there was a chance of this […]

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Week 10 Recap

My week at the Iron Yard in 1812 words. 10 weeks down, 2 to go. Monday It felt pretty weird to not have lecture in the morning on Monday. We have shifted into a new phase of The Iron Yard. My teammates and I spent the weekend researching as much as we could about anything that […]

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Week 9 Recap

My week at the Iron Yard in 2123 words. 9 weeks down, 3 to go. Monday We didn’t really have a lecture on Monday due to the weekend assignment. Since it was something the entire class was working on we really just talked about what was holding us up, any challenges people were facing, and any […]

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Week 8 Recap

My week at the Iron Yard in 1960 words. 8 weeks down, 4 to go. Monday Our day was a little different for lecture on Monday, we had another guest speaker come in. The guest was Chris Bailey who is the Director of Infrastructure and IT at Adwerx. Adwerx is a company that currently deals in […]

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Week 7 Recap

My week at the Iron Yard in 2433 words. 7 weeks down, 5 to go. Monday This day was very different than any other day. Our weekend homework was due on Tuesday probably because of the scale of the assignment and also because it was our first time working together as both classes. Our instructors didn’t want us […]

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